Why Do MLM Networks Blog?

Wikipedia defines a blog as a personal journal that is published on the World Wide Web that reflects the personality, interest and expertise and opinions of the blogger. The term blog is a short version for the terms web and log…blog. The entries or post are usually thematic and written by an individual or small group of people. Blogs are linked with web publishing tools that were developed in the late 1990s. Most blogs contain good quality information and promote interaction between the readers and author. Thus, creating a form of social networking. Social connections are the base for MLM to grow and prosper.

Dale Carnegie’s book¬†How to Win Friends and Influence People¬†written in 1936 is the perfect model to combine the old “word of mouth” social networking with new methods using technology. Carnegie’s book has been declared to be one of the best motivational books ever written spanning the test of time and readership even when compared to current giants in the networking industry including Steven Covey and Tony Robbins. In the book, advice and information is given to help you be successful in life, a common goal shared with MLM. Dale Carnegie believed that success comes from the ability to connect with others through effective communication and he teaches the skills needed to value others. MLM leaders maximize communication through technology.

Carnegie’s principal focus is linked to the “golden rule” by treating others the way you want to be treated. He believes in making people feel appreciated instead of manipulated and stressed giving friends’ honest, sincere appreciation. MLM and Carnegie believe in creating eager desire in the relationship before influencing a decision. Carnegie offers suggestions in his book on how to make friends first and then offers ways to win friends over to your way of thinking. MLM leaders follow his lead using technology and blogs. Carnegie proclaims that once these skills are mastered, you find yourself in a position of authority capable of providing leadership, influencing decisions and providing solutions. These same “people skill” principles apply to blogging.In the world of MLM business, blogs are traditionally used to promote an article, sell a product or service and increase awareness of a company’s offering through additional inquiries for more information through the use of capture pages. Information Security Blog

When a blog is created to expand the MLM, the writer must identify the target market and provide quality information and resources needed by other MLM networks. Dale Carnegie would possibly connect this to “winning friends.” In friendships we share common interest, goals and experiences. Over time the relationship is nurtured and trust is established. Information sharing, advice giving and recommendations are made. Carnegie would label this the “influencing people” stage. The MLM blogger meets the need and provides solutions to the networker’s questions.

The final connection between MLM blogging and Carnegie’s successful model is achieving financial security. Financial security means different things to different people. A general definition is having an adequate amount of money to meet the needs or wants of an individual or business. The amount is different for everyone; however, the absolute need to have financial security is universal. MLM blogging is a direct use of technology to impact the level if money coming into the network on a daily basis.


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