Remi Landau – Fashionable Nightwear Every Woman Should Try

When it comes to fashion, girls, and women who love it understand how important it is for them to wear fashionable nightwear to bed. Most of them say they like to look different before going to bed. They like class and agree that fashionable nightwear actually makes them feel rejuvenated.

Remi Landau is a fashion designer from New York City. She creates new social nightwear designs for her company. Once she is over with a design, it is converted into samples for her organization’s upcoming clothing line.

Her unique background in the entertainment and legal industries helped her a lot in this role. While she was taking her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, she was an intern with both legal and entertainment companies. Her job was to collaborate with the marketing and the editorial teams. She directly worked with the clients of the companies to ensure their needs, expectations were met, and they were comfortable when events were held.

When she was in college, she belonged to the Entrepreneurship Class, the Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, and the Hillel Jewish Student Union. She is also fond of sports.

Types of nightwear every fashionable girl/lady loves

When it comes to fashionable nightwear, she says that most ladies love to invest in all the styles they can possibly find in local and online stores. They like to spend money on nightwear that makes them look a class apart. Now, when it comes to the different styles of nightwear available in the market, most women are not aware of what they are. Given below is a brief list of fashionable nightwear that every girl or woman should try out-

  1. Nightshirt or the sleep shirt – These are great for nights that are humid and uncomfortable. They are airy, and you can take your pick from short or long sleeves. They are available in both floral and funky prints.
  2. Night Dress – Known for their cute appeal. They complement every body shape and are ideal for humid and hot nights.
  3. Capri set – The T-shirt and Capri variants are quite popular for winter nights. They are decent nightwear if you live with a large family.
  4. Baby Doll – If you are in a seductive mood, baby doll nightwear is the perfect choice for you.
  5. Shorts Set – Popular with younger women and girls, they come in playful colors and prints. You can choose from the full-length variants, and if you are on the heavier side, you can go in for shorts.
  6. Nightgown, also known as nightie – Ideal for newlyweds, they look modest and feminine. They are old-school in nature and have been around for a long time.
  7. Robe sets or bathrobes – These are for the brides to be. They are seductive and stylish. They are feminine and modest for all women. There are a wide variety of designs for you to try out. To look ultra-chic, try out the ones made of lace or satin.
  8. Pajama set – A signature of style and comfort. They are super funky and are available in several colors and patterns.

As per Remi Landau when it comes to fashionable nightwear, there is something for everyone. Just figure out which style and type appeal to you to flaunt it with pride and class daily!