Audrey Gellman Provides a Brief Insight On Her Political Journey

There are a lot of young people across United States who decide to join politics from quite an early age. Being bought up in a politically aware family, Audrey Gellman has been one of these individuals. She was a political wonk from her early years, and was majorly inspired to join politics subsequent to the 2000 Supreme Court decision in the contested presidential election. She worked as a junior aide at the 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and in fact left Oberlin College early for this purpose.

The domain of politics attracts many young and vibrant individuals like Audrey. While her journey in politics started in many ways at Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential election, she ended up returning to New York after Clinton’s defeat. Back in New York, Audrey Gellman completed her degree in political science. In the presidential election of 2012, she helped in reviving the political action committee known as ‘Downtown for Democracy’, which attracted the attention of several musicians, artists and even deep-pocketed tech founders.

It was in Scott Stringer’s campaign where Audrey Gellman ultimately gained recognition in the domain of politics. Initially, she joined his team as a deputy press secretary.  However, she later on was appointed as his political spokesperson, as Stringer rang for the post of New York City comptroller. This happened in the fall of 2013.

Scott Stringer was running against Eliot Spitzer who held quite a sizable lead in the polls in the initial stage. Hence, it was crucial for Stringer’s campaign to carry out extensive outreach programs to increase his overall prospects. Audrey played a vital role in doing so, especially with her social media strategies and fundraising events. She coordinated his media strategies, which ultimately helped in developing his brand among influential New Yorkers. Audrey proactively managed Stringer’s social media outreach program, and even traded posts with Mr. Spitzer’s team to ensure better effectiveness. Her smart strategies significantly helped in establishing Mr. Stringer as quite a dynamic opponent who was ready to take on the role of a comptroller.

One of the major highlights of the political journey of Audrey Gellman as of yet would be the fundraising event she organized for Scott Stringer’s campaign at the much popular Maritime Hotel in Chelsea.  This party was a huge success, and its impressive guest list played a major role in that. This event looked a lot more like a Fashion Week than a political fundraiser, and had multiple designers, nightclub managers, and actors as attendees. This included Lena Dunham who has been Audrey’s friend since several years. Audrey made sure that the party was perfectly covered by news publications, which contributed to raising the profile of Mr. Stringer’s campaign.

Audrey’s work, as well as the efforts of several others on the campaign eventually resulted in Mr. Stringer winning the democratic nomination for the comptroller role. He subsequently won the ultimate election as well quite soundly.