In the automobile companies the new name is Tesla. If we talk about the NASDAQ:TSLA at the earning of its last night was good, and its number comes in the red hot and after a session its share falls. It was also trading down in the Tuesday market.

Many starters and analysts expect both bottom line EPS and also the top line revenue. After it, it’s also grabbed the attention and this thing is shown after one year growth which is more than 70%.

If we talk about its additional highlights in which company also included its non- GAAP income approx. the $1 million, then it’s making the mark for the first time. The model three is also a bestselling car globally and it’s a sedan one.

The last point is that the company painted an eye catchy picture as the investor told them, they want the Shanghai factor to increase its quarterly production in a year. They also improved the domestic supply in a ratio more than 90%.

Profitability:  In the 7th quarter in a row that it is in a profitable mode with the heavy cash crisis and that time flow of cash was negative. After a long time, Tesla also expects some delivery growth which is around 50 percent on an annual basis. But the share was under pressure but many investors invested in it for long term revenue.

In the last year its share increased more than 1000 percent but Tesla has not confirmed it very much. If we talk about the 120,000 mark in the terms of quarterly deliveries then it’s crossing the Q3 for the very first time in the last year. The things are taking place with the fundamentals and also with the technical speaking, there is also a lot to say when we see its last two months consolidation. In January the share of Tesla was $900 and now it’s $400. So if we talk about the consolidation of Q4’s then its rally off.

Strong Technical

The share of tesla comes up to 30 percent and also looking at a new finding. This 30 percent peek was in last four months with the rising line RSI and MACD, its supporting to run. From morgan Stanley , Adam Jonas boost the target price in last week is $900 and Q1 delivery number was boosted topped in the last night. Its share are still going high and last month’s revenue was $780 as compared to last to last month which was $670. So spending amount in tesla share market is a good decision.  You can find other stock like nasdaq ctrm at