Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrency – Why You Should Consider Them?

The forex markets provide a very wide spectrum of different currency pairs which trade on established resistance and support levels. However traders will still continue to look at other currencies because they all compete for attention and investments in the international market. Now perhaps it is high time to mention a few benefits to trade cryptos.

The first major advantage of trading Cryptocurrency compared to trading traditional currencies is the fact that there are virtually no government controls over them unlike conventional money. This gives investors a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing their investment vehicles.

Another major benefit is freedom from counterparty risks. In the past, whenever an investor wanted to escape creditor and debt problems, they would usually sell their assets and financial instruments in the secondary market.

The problem with this approach was that when one of these assets’ value declined, the losses caused by the decline were distributed to all the other creditors and debtors which created a major distribution of losses across the market. With Cryptocurrency however, you are not required to sell your assets and financial instruments in order to free yourself from your debt obligations.

This freedom from such risks is another one of the main benefits of investing in the Cryptocurrency. The lack of exposure to the counterparty risks gives you a greater degree of financial safety when it comes to investing in this asset class.

One other benefit of investing in the crypt is the absence of regulations and standards which limit the ability of investors to move funds between various exchanges. The freedom of movement of funds enables investors to trade with leverage and hence become very powerful players within the asset class. One can use their leverage to obtain larger fees and get better returns than the interest rates attached to their deposit on the exchanges. For instance, while some large banks may be restricted by FDI regulations in their ability to move funds between the domestic and foreign exchanges for their customers, the same restriction does not apply to investors in Cryptocurrency.

The lack of regulatory restrictions also brings with it an advantage of the nature of trading whereby the gains are realized faster than any other means. There are very few short-term gains associated with the trade of any asset and therefore it is quick and efficient means of securing profits when the prices are falling.

The lack of commissions means that the investors’ transaction cost is reduced and they incur only one service instead of several, which is typical of the case with conventional investments. This feature is also an advantage of the nature of Cryptocurrency trading whereby the risk profile associated with the investment is also less.

There are many other advantages of trading Cryptocurrency though many of them will be difficult for smaller investors to overcome. One of the largest disadvantages of investors opting for the investment option is the relatively high level of risk associated with it. The trade of currencies involves a lot of risk and although there are several online brokers that offer protection from losses through insurance cover, it is not a blanket guarantee that the same level of protection will be extended to clients who opt for the trading option on the platform of eToro. Before investing, you can check at for more information.



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